• Super Chef Play Kitchen

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    A bright red play kitchen for your little boy or girl with everything your children will need to cook just like mummy and daddy on their very own pretend kitchen there's a two door cupboard with shelves for storing the included pots and pans or any food borrowed from mummy and daddies kitchen.

    There's a telephone on the wall of the pretend kitchen for pretend play chatting to friends or taking orders in their own pretend restaurant.

    All the doors or the cupboards, microwave and oven open and close and there's a sink with pretend taps and a toy hob too there's shelf space and a unique design that won't take up much room in your home.

    The toy kitchen that has everything your child will need for pretend play in contemporary unisex colours,  there's lots to keep your kids busy including an oven with turning knobs, dishwasher, fridge freezer, microwave, hob, cup hooks and towel rail there's also a handy storage cupboard too.