• Study Desk & Bureau

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    A wooden child's desk coloured white with a bureau at the back of the desktop, the bureau contains two drawers with easy hand cut away's for opening where your children can store school exercise books, pens, rulers and their pencil case.

    In the middle of the rear shelf is an open area for the storage of school books and above is another shelf area for books, toys or a desk lamp and clock.

    The rear of the bureau features a shelf edge so papers pushed off the back won't fall on the floor or fall behind other furniture.

    The sturdy cross legs of the desk ensure high levels of stability so the desk won't wobble even with vigorous rubbing out.

    Make homework a happy time for your children with our new Study desk it features a bigger surface area and a narrower bureau section to make sure there's plenty of elbow room for spreading out their homework, shown in the picture with our White Swivel Chair which is also available.