• Star Blackout Lined Curtains

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    If your child can't sleep at night because it's still bright outside or the moons glare keeps your child awake or cars passing cast scary shadows in your child's room that leaves your child afraid to sleep then get these blackout curtains which completely block all light from entering your child's room when the curtains are drawn.

    The thick and heavy curtain lining keeps all light out and acts as a noise damper too, the curtains are light blue in colour with blue, black and red coloured stars on the curtains.

    These blackout curtains are a great choice for a boys room and the tabs at the top of the curtains make them easy to hang on a curtain pole.

    These fresh looking curtains have a blackout lining to stop daylight disturbing your child's sleep the lining gives the curtains a nice weighty feel and the tab top design makes them easy to put up. Made from 100% cotton and sold in pairs.