• Sand Table With Two Benches

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    This is a very clever sand pit design where the sand pit is a large plastic sand tray so you don't need any holes dug in your lawn or sand poured all over your lawn, instead the sand sits in a large, strong plastic tray that's mounted between four strong wooden legs.

    There's two bench seats either side of the sand pit so your children can sit and play without getting completely into the sand pit.

    Also supplied is a large wooden table top that fits over the sand pit preventing leaves, grass cuttings or cats from entering the sand pit and providing a beautiful table top that turns this stunning sand pit into a garden table, made of wood and with two bench seats either side of the table.

    This solid pine sand table with attached seating comes with a removable and washable plastic tray for storing the sand and a sturdy pine lid. When not in use as a sand box it transforms back to an ordinary play station or picnic table. This sand table is free standing an does not require any holes to be dug in your lawn like conventional sandpits.