• Sailing Sand Pit - As featured by the Independent

    Sailing Sand Pit - As featured by the Independent Buy Now at Amazon

    A beautiful sand pit and such a clever idea, the sand pit is shaped like a boat, made from wood the boat has it's own canopy to keep children dry if it rains and they are playing as well as a front 'pointy' end of the boat and a flat rear.

    The front and rear of the boat are big wooden areas where your child can sit and play or jump on in to the middle of the sand pit and play in the sand.

    Supplied with a sandpit cover to keep leaves and grass cuttings out, not to mention cats and also supplied with a separate groundsheet that you put on the ground before you pour the sand in.

    Set sail for fun and games in the garden with this lovely nautical sand pit featuring a nice big blue canopy for shade along with a ship's wheel, a seat at the 'stern' and a storage compartment at the 'bow'.

    Includes ground underlay and tie on cover to protect against animals or garden debris (leaves, mowing the lawn). As featured by The Independent , voted in their Top Ten Outdoor Toys.