• Pyramid Climbing Frame

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    A wooden climbing frame that's made from a beautiful weather protected wood and has a natural rich dark brown colour, the wooden beams of the climbing frame are secured with metal bolts and clamps which are painted green to protect against rust and to blend in well with your garden.

    There's a rope ladder and wooden steps leading up to the top of the climbing frame where there's a wavy slide down the other side.

    Under the climbing frame is a den with a canvas wall that can be folded up, the canvas wall is camouflage in colour and has two windows in the wall for seeing in and out.

    Your children will have hours of fun with this climbing frame in the garden there's a cargo net and a ladder leading to a large play deck and a rock wall with coloured hand and foot grips plus an 8ft wave slide.

    The camouflage fabric side panels have roll down windows and create a large secret play den inside the pyramid. The climbing frame measurements are 390 Length x 150 Width x 210 Height (centimetres).