• Play Shop and Theatre

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    A brilliant pretend shop and pretend theatre in one, the shop has a blackboard above the shop and below the counter which is perfect for the children to write inĀ  coloured chalks what they are selling in their shop or what the show they are putting on in their theatre is called.

    There's space below the counter for all the groceries, fruits, vegetables and produce your children will be wanting to sell on their shop and above the counter are two red and white check curtains so your child can put on a show as they pull back the curtains.

    Made from wood, white in colour with castor wheels that make the shop and theatre easy to move around.

    This fabulous play shop for children will inspire hours of pretend play and when your children tire of playing shops they can put on a show instead as this toy is a combined shop and theatre.

    There's a handy drawer at the bottom for storage and the shop/theatre has castors so you can wheel it away at the end of the day.

    Also available with the toy shop and toy theatre is pretend toy food, hand puppets and storage crates for the front of the shop.