• Pippin Toy Farm

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    A children's wooden toy farm painted in bright colours and including a cow shed, chicken coop and hen house, the roof of all the farm buildings comes off so your children can look inside and play with their farm animals.

    A fence to surround your farm is included and with the wooden farmyard animals you have chickens, sheep, pigs, cows, ducks for the duck pond and not forgetting farmers to play with.

    There's a cockerel sat on the weather vane on top of the farm buildings and a apple tree with apples on it for the farmyard grounds.

    A painted wooden toy farm offering years of play value for your children, the play farm has a solid base board and has lots of interesting things to do with a cow shed, stable, barn, ladder and movable fences. The farm is available on it's own or with the wooden toy animals set.