• Pastel Spot Blackout Curtains

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    Having problems with your son or daughter complaining that they can't sleep at night or get woken up early by bright sunlight, car headlights, shop lights or street lights then these blackout curtains will keep all the light out of your child's bedroom.

    The thick lining in these blackout curtains blocks all light from entering your child's bedroom when the curtains are drawn so your child's room will be dark enough to sleep soundly.

    Just because these are blackout curtains doesn't mean that they shouldn't look good too and with green, purple, pink and red spots these good looking curtains would suit a boys or girls bedroom.

    These pretty curtains have a helpful blackout lining to help avoid early morning sunlight and late night street lights from streaming into your child's window and with a tab top design which makes these curtains easy to hang.

    Team them up with our Butterfly Duvet Cover Set or Twinkle Fairy Duvet Cover Set. Made from 100% cotton and sold as a pair.