• Northcote 'Skinny' Toy Box & Top Shelf

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    If your child's bedroom is small and you don't have any storage that will fit in the room then consider these toy boxes that are wall mountable, simply attach the top shelf to the wall and the toy box clicks onto the bottom of the shelf unit with a large drawer at the front giving you access to the wall mounted toy box.

    Use the shelf above the toy box for storing books or toys and in the drawer you can pout everything from clothes, shoes,  toys and games.

    Screw one shelf unit to the wall and have one toy box mounted on the wall or add more shelf units and extend your storage by as much as you need and with wall mounted storage your not taking up any room in the bedroom as all the storage space is on unused wall space.

    Our new Northcote Skinny toy box is half the width of our existing Northcote storage it's perfect for awkward corners and tight squeezes use the skinny toy box alone or team it up with a Skinny Shelf Unit, it's easy to assemble, bright white in colour with a hard wearing finish.