• Northcote 'Skinny' Shelf Unit

    Northcote 'Skinny' Shelf Unit Buy Now at Amazon

    This shelving unit can be used free standing on the floor on it's own or joined together with other Norhcote furniture to make a complete storage system, the advantage of this particular unit is that it has a smaller width than other storage units and so will fit into smaller spaces, just the thing if your child's bedroom is small and you need a comprehensive storage system.

    Inside the cabinet your find an adjustable shelf that is hugely adjustable and can be adjusted from any of ten different heights so whatever toys, games or books you want to store your be able to adjust the shelf to fit.

    Our new Northcote Skinny range is perfect for awkward corners and tight squeezes it's half the width of our existing Northcote storage and is easy to assemble and has an adjustable shelf with bright white and  hard wearing finish.