• Northcote Play Table With Trundle Drawer

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    This play table is a fabulous design not only is it s children's play table with lots of storage space but its also a coffee table for your lounge so the table has a double use for both children and adults.

    The play surface at the top of the table can be turned over to reveal a solid white coloured top which you simply turn over when you want to use the table as a coffee table and turn back to the children's side when you want your children to play on the play table.

    The play surface features a roadway for your child's cars, buses and trains and a treasure island with sea and sandy beach for pirate adventures.

    A compact and brilliant play table with plenty of space to store toys and games, lift off the play surface or roll out the drawer to access the roomy storage compartments. The reverse of the play surface is white so it can even double up as a coffee table.