• Northcote Adjustable Shelf Unit

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    A free standing or wall mounted adjustable shelf where you can set the height of the internal shelf to fit your children's toys or books and you can interlock several of these shelving units together to create any size shelving system.

    Great where your child's bedroom is small and you have to make the best use of the available space as you can use these shelving units free standing on the floor or screw them to the wall where the shelf unit can be used on it's own or interlocked with other shelf units and the range of Northcote cupboards and storage boxes.

    Our Northcote Interlocking adjustable shelf is easy to assemble and features a hard wearing, bright white, lacquer finish. This versatile storage will look great in any room and fits together with a system of interlocking teeth allowing you to build a storage unit that fits the size of your room.

    This Adjustable Shelf Unit can be used on it's own or placed between our Toy Box and ledged shelf or the Open Storage Base. For extra storage, build your unit higher to grow with your child by adding in another Northcote Adjustable Shelf.