• Navy Gingham Blackout Lined Curtains

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    Navy blue/light purple lined curtains which when drawn block all sunlight from entering the room as the curtains have a thick lining and block sunlight, street lights and light pollution from outside from entering the bedroom and preventing your child from falling asleep.

    The blackout curtains also stop the sunlight from entering your child's bedroom early in the morning before it's time to wake up and waking your child up too early and of course if your children are woken up early they will in turn wake you up early!

    These blackout curtains are easy to hang as they have large loops of fabric at the top for the curtain pole to slide through.

    Check out these gorgeous curtains they're made from a traditionally smart Gingham weave fabric with the modern convenience of a blackout lining and a tab top design which makes them easy to hang up. Made from 100% cotton and sold as a pair.