• 'Let it Snow' Sledge

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    A bright red sledge for use sledging down snow covered hills and streets and also for use on long wet grass where you can get a good slide down the hill at any time of the year.

    The sledge is made from moulded plastic ans is very strong, it's rated for two children to be sitting down on the sledge as they hurtle down a hill and there's convenient handholds on the sides of the sledge as well as on the seat area of the sledges.

    The runners of the sledge are metal to make the sledge hard wearing and to get a faster slide on ice and snow, there's a rope at the front for pulling the sledge and this is fitted with a yellow ball handle which makes seeing the rope on snow very easy if you have happened to drop the rope.

    You and your children will be the envy of the park with this top of the range sledge, the sledge sits two people and is tough and will withstand heavy use with metal runners underneath ensuring a smooth, fast yet safe ride and it's easy to pull too with the attached pulling cord.