• Large Gallery Bookshelf

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    Available in natural light tan wood colour ow painted white these wooden gallery bookshelves are ideal for youngsters who choose what book to read by the interesting picture on the front cover rather than the words inside.

    These gallery bookshelves are an ideal way to showcase your children's books and display larger books that aren't a standard bookshelf size.

    There's three separate shelves on this bookshelf and each shelf has two rows of wooden bars that hold the books gently in place, put the bookshelf on the floor and it can be used free standing or mount the bookshelf on a wall.

    A very clever alternative to standard bookshelves the main benefit being that children can see the front of the book which for most pre-schooler's and young children who can't read is essential for picking out their favourite.

    It's also useful because most books for this age group are an awkward size and don't fit on standard shelves the bookshelf can be used as a floor standing unit or attached to the wall in the bedroom or playroom even right next to the bed, handy for bedtime stories. As featured by The Telegraph Magazine and Ideal Home, a smaller gallery bookshelf is also available.