• 'I Love Sports Day' Garden Games

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    If sports day at school feels your or your child with dread then get some practice at home, this sports day kit contains everything you need to gain that competitive edge and practice to win or just practice to not fall over.

    It's great fun for all the family and don't forget that there's a parents race too so mum and dad will need to get into training too.

    Supplied with everything you need for sports day practice from brightly coloured blue, red and yellow sacks for the sack race which all have funny faces painted on them to bean bags and pretend eggs and spoons.

    Get in some sneaky practice or just have some good old fashioned fun with these classic sports day races. Try your luck at the Bean Bag Race the Three Legged race the Sack Race and the Egg and Spoon race.

    It's better to make a fool of yourself in your own garden than in front of all the other parents after all, the garden games set includes a storage bag, 4 bean bags, 2 ankle straps, 4 Hessian sacks, 4 eggs and spoons, a whistle and a set of fun instructions in case you've forgotten how to play.