• High Visibility Driveway Barrier

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    For parents concerned about their children being able to wonder onto a busy road or from strangers being able to gain access to your child this driveway barrier is ideal.

    Stretch the two poles of the driveway barrier across your driveway or other open area to be secured, push the driveway poles into the ground or cement the poles into the ground for a permanent installation.

    Extend the brightly coloured orange barrier between the two poles, the driveway barrier is contained within a canister inside one of the poles so its easy to automatically unwind and automatically retract the driveway barrier.

    The bright colour of this retractable barrier will alert children to no go areas as well as increasing the visibility of children to adults when they are playing outside.

    Mount the storage canister as required on one side of the driveway and extend the netting to the opposite pole (supplied) across driveways or perilous areas of the garden, it won't totally prevent access but the boundary line will be very clearly shown.

    Available in two sizes, up to 5.5 metres wide or up to 7.6 metres wide.Not suitable for use as a safety gate for swimming pools.