• Bunk Bed Handrail & Tread Safety Kit

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    Many children don't like bunk bed ladders at first because there's not much to hold on top and at night it's hard to see the steps, help your child overcome the problems they have using bunk beds with this ingenious handrail and safety tread system.

    Simply screw the large blue hand rails which are made from strong steel to the ladder and your child instantly has a big handrail to hold as they climb up and down the ladder.

    The other problem children face with bunk beds is that at night it's hard to see the bunk bed ladder steps and if your not careful your bare feet can slip off the steps with these safety treads which you simply stick to the ladder steps your have steps that slightly glow making it much easier for a child to see where the steps are and the non slip coating on the treads makes it easier for little feet to get a grip.

    This will make night time trips to the loo less daunting and is strongly recommended with two hand rails for the ladder and five luminous, non slip foot treads.