• Embroidered Heart Bedspread

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    A girls bedspread, white in colour with pink trim edging and delicately embroidered hearts of red, blue, pink and yellow.

    On cold nights put this bedspread on top of the bed bed sheets or duvet and on hot nights just sleep under this bedspread.

    With delicate heart embroidery it's perfect for every little girl who loves pink, get them a bedspread just like you had when you where little one that's made to last from quality fabrics and with a touch of classic design with its own embroidery.

    A soft, quilted bed cover that pretties up a bed and adds a layer of extra warmth on chilly nights, it also makes the perfect summer bed cover on its own. It's also brilliantly versatile, team it up with our Sweet Dreams Bedding & Cushion or the Butterfly Duvet Set.