• Columbus Oak Desk

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    This beautiful wooden child's desk features a large drawer at the front with a smart pewter handle for storing your children's homework books, papers, pens and drawing equipment.

    A shelf unit is also included and this can be fitted on either side of the desk and is large enough to cope with big school folders as well as text books, there's two separate shelves on the bookshelf.

    The desk top itself is solid oak wood and a beautiful finish to study on there's room enough for a desk lamp, clock, laptop or computer with plenty of space to run the electrical cables down to a wall socket.

    Made from solid oak and oak sides the Columbus children's desk is beautifully made in a classic and timeless design that will last into your children's adulthood, this desk is traditionally crafted with a solid wood drawer on wooden runners and finished with a natural varnish and a handsome pewter handle.

    A full sized desk which will last your children through to University with a solid wood desk top and front drawer with dividers and adjustable shelf with a shelf unit that can be placed on the left or right hand side of the desk, so you can choose which end you have the shelves. Assemble the desk yourself at home or have the delivery team assemble the desk for you the choice is yours.