• Cambridge Desk

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    A strong and sturdy bedroom desk that's made from wood and white in colour so it's an excellent choice for both boys and girls, there's two large drawers at the front of the desk with easy cut-away handles to open the drawers, here your children can store their school exercise books, pens and papers leaving the desk free for homework.

    The bedroom desk has a raised shelf at the back with book ends built into the end of the table so it's perfect for storing their school books and the raised shelf is ideal for a clock or table lamp, there's cut-away's in the table for electrical cables for a lamp, computer, laptop or TV.

    Hopefully this sturdy and practical desk will inspire your kids to great academic heights and they'll be all set for the journey with that useful shelf along the back and those two smooth-opening drawers with an opening for cables, back ledge and two drawers.