• Blue Stripe Blackout Tab Top Curtains

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    Stripe blackout curtains that are coloured with blue and pink strips and will suit either a little boys or little girls room.

    If your child can't sleep at night because the sun is still shining outside or because of light pollution from traffic lights, street lights and passing cars then get these blackout curtains which have a thick lining which prevents both sunlight and street lights from entering your room and as a added bonus because of the thickness of the lining sounds from outside are also muffled.

    It's not just sunlight coming into your child's bedroom in the evening that these blackout curtains will guard against but also early morning sun streaming into your child's room before it's time to get up because as parents know once your child is awake your be awake too!

    These colourful cotton curtains have a blackout lining sewn in to stop daylight disturbing your child's sleep the lining gives the curtains a nice weighty feel and the tab top design makes them easy to hang. Made from 100% cotton and sold as a pair.