• Amelie 'Collector's Cabinet' Wall Shelves - Large

    Amelie 'Collector's Cabinet' Wall Shelves - Large Buy Now at Amazon

    A beautiful display cabinet for your wall in white wood with a safety glass acrylic front on a hinged front door so you can open the cabinet to arrange the display.

    Taller than other cabinets so you can easily display football and netball trophies, athletics and gymnastics cups, cub and brownie badges and anything that is important to you and your child.

    If you are a collector then your have lots of space to show off stamp collections or whatever is precious to you.

    There's a wall fixing behind the cabinet so you can easily attach the cabinet to your wall for a beautiful display that everyone is sure to comment on.

    This display unit has taller shelves than our original Amelie 'Collector's Cabinet' Wall Shelves  to cope with the exhibition of trophies, dolls, and other larger prized possessions. Coordinates with our Amelie Storage Accessories and features bevelled frame, clear acrylic door, magnet fastening and screw-in wall fixing.