• Almond Blossom Doll's House

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    Every little girl will love this girls dolls house with pink roof, pink walls and a pink front door with a heart cut away, the dolls house has lots of windows (five windows in the front alone) so your little girl can see into the dolls house, into each room but better than that the pink roof is hinged and folds back to reveal the inside of the dolls house so your child can play inside the dolls house and not just look through the windows!

    Each window has elegant shutters with painted roses on the white window shutters and around the front door, the house features a chimney as well as having window shutters and a front door on hinges that actually open and close.

    Almond Blossom Doll's House has everything a little girl could possibly want in a doll's house with six spacious and beautifully decorated rooms and a gorgeous exterior this really is the Doll's house of their dreams.

    The inside is cleverly detailed with lots of accessories such as bookshelves and pictures so there's lots of inspiration for all sorts of stories and play.

    The outside has pretty shutters, window boxes and a lovely pink roof which opens onto the large attic room.

    With staircase, opening shutters and windows, attic space and a super practical, magnetic closure on the front doors, buy with or without the furniture pack.