• Acorn Swing With Quad Pod Swing Seat

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    As well as being a fantastic wooden swing for your child just like the wooden swing you would have used yourself when you where little this swing has some unique features.

    It's a single swing that comes with two sets of poles for the wooden A-frame, one set of poles is a short pole set and the other long pole set increases the height of the swing as your baby grows to a toddler and onwards to their teen years you can add in the extra pole lengths to increase the size of the swing frame turning the swing frame from a baby swing to a toddler swing to a teenagers swing.

    Likewise the seat of the swing is actually four separate seats that are all supplied with this swing, a seat for a baby with safety straps and holes for the legs to a toddlers enclosed seat and a teenagers regular seat so as your child grows you can changes the seats and higher the frame legs making this a swing set that really does grow with your child.

    This lovely wooden swing really does grow with your child. Start with the lower height then switch to the full height frame when your child is ready.

    The swing seat itself can also be adapted to suit the age of your child. The clever design comprises four perfectly dimensioned seats for each stage and includes a fully adjustable 5 point safety harness.

    Winner of a Right Start Good Toy award. You can also buy the Quad Pod seat on its own. The swing comes complete with ground stakes that fit into the ground and full installation details are included with the swing set.

    You can leave the swing outside over winter as the wood is pressure treated and covered by a 5 year guarantee against wood rot or rust causing failure.