• Abbeville Nine Cube Storage Unit

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    This white coloured storage unit has nine compartments over three shelves with three compartments per shelf so there's lots of storage space for books, games and toys and if you need more storage space you can place two storage units side by side.

    The wooden storage unit is painted white and has a neat floor surround which as well as adding to the storage shelves good looks increases stability so your storage unit won't fall over or wobble.

    It's heavy too which also adds to the stability making it the perfect choice for storage in your child's room where it won't take up much room as these free standing shelves sit flush with the wall.

    This is super versatile storage for playrooms, sitting rooms, kitchens or even hallways. There are nine open compartments to use as display shelves or bookshelves or you can add our gorgeous canvas cubes for storage in these smart coloured drawers.